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At Tech Acceleration, we mix your innovative ideas with our technology and give it a real life. Let your ideas be of apps, websites, web portal, wearables, VR, AR or anything we can assume. We will take care of all your ideas as far as its related to technology and try to give it a shape in real.


How it works

Our main strength is our highly skilled professional developers. They listen and understand your innovative ideas and suggest you in technical wrapping. We are always ready to give a wing to any startup companies with a maximum success rate.

What to expect

We bring transparency to teamwork and timely delivery. We plan the actions step by step to give your brand a real shape all the while being transparent to you.


Who we are

We are consists of a team of energetic and professionals like – creatives, developers, designers, digital marketers, and branding specialist. We always take care of your needs and specifics with a perfect plan.

Other things to know


Agile Project Methodology

Our working culture is based on “Agile methodology”. We break large tasks into small ones to make that task simple and easy to execute. Thus we save lots of time and assure a quick and timeline delivery.

Acceptance Rate

Our company is a vast and growing and looking forward to have a success just like you do. But with our finite capacity, our project acceptance ratio is low.

Technical Limitations

We bring the “no limit” concept. We like to go beyond the technical limitation of apps and websites by thinking “outside of the box”. We have the expertise to develop advanced technologies like augmented reality also. So, as far as the technology involved, there is no bar.


Besides the technically strong and experienced professionals, our dedicated team gathered great knowledge in fundraising. Also, they have the connection in the investment community.


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If you have an idea, let us know by filling our simple form and see if your idea qualifies.

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What we are?

Tech accelerator is the division of Tri-Force an established IT software consulting services firm, It takes early stage technology-based startups and helps them rapidly build a sustainable business.

Tri-Force can guide you and provide concrete plans for Software development, marketing, and customer acquisition.

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